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Obama Mixtape: 1999 - Songify the News Special Edition

Obama Drops the Mic

Obama Literally Drops the Mic At White House Dinner

President Obama Mic Drop (Full Mic Drop and Paper Throw)

OBAMA MIC DROP - Songify the News Special Edition 【1 HOUR 】

Obama's Mic Drop Moments At Final State Of The Union #SOTU


Mic Drop: Obama Cracked On Everyone Applying For His Job

Obama Mic Drop - Thug Life

Obama mic drop

OBAMA MIXTAPE MIC DROP: 1999 ( 2 in 1)

President Obama's Mic Drop at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Obama Mic Drop | Obama Thug Life

OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999 (Reaction!!!)

USA: Obama performs microphone drop at final correspondents' dinner

Obama Mic Drop

歐巴馬神演出OBAMA MIC DROP 1999

Obama Drop Mic 1999 - Lyrics Video

President Obama mic drop

"Obama Mixtape - 1999" by Schmoyoho (Extended Version)

The Gregory Brothers "Obama Mic Drop (1999)"

Lame-Duck Presidents: What Will Obama's Final Mic Drop Be?

Obama Mic Drop 1999 - Nightcore

Barack Obama MIC DROP | The News Special Edition HD

Obama mic drop 1999 (x1.5)- By Schmoyoho (Obama song)

Barack Obama mic drop (Allahu Akbar)

OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999 (8-Bit Remix) [BITIFY THIS]

SONGIFY MEDLEY [I Love Cats + Bed Intruder + Obama Mic Drop] A...

Obama Song: OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999

Obama mic drop at final Correspondents' Dinner


Obama Out Mic Drop Remix

Barack Obama's Mic Drop at the Final White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama's soulful 'double mic drop 2016

Finally Barrack Obama Drops it - the mic 1999-2016 (funny)

[MMD] Pokemon - OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999

Talking Tom Obama Mic Drop:1999 | Schomoyoho

Watch Obama's Mic Drop Moment During SOTU

My covers Dancing: OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999 (Season 1 Episode 3)

OBAMA MIC DROP:1999 How to play on acoustic guitar by Schmoyoho

Obama Mic Drop | The Falcon Has Landed | David Bowie

Obama Mic Drop .... You can't make this up folks!

Obama Mic Drop "Obama Out"

Obama mic drop 1999 sped up

Obama Mic Drop White House Correspondents Dinner 2016 Obama Out

Obama mic drop 1999 dance from (Andrew Gipo)

schmoyoho-OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999(中文字幕)

Obama Speech - Mic Drop - Thug Life Extreme

Obama MIC DROP Thug life 2016