College Football Playoff Championship Sim - Oregon vs Ohio State (NCAA Football 14 - Xbox 360)

Category: Gaming, Duration: 55:53, 62664 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Sports Gaming Universe on 2015-01-12T23:00:06.000Z A Simulation of the 2015 NCAA Football Playoff Championship between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes. I had to use a mod program to get the National Championship in the correct Stadium (AT&T Stadium) Check out some of my other great Sports Gaming Series! ========================================== WWE 2K15 2K Showcase: Matt Myer MyCareer (PF) NBA 2K15: San Diego Chargers Franchise (Madden 15): Dallas Cowboys Franchise (Madden 15): Rob Blanchflower Career Mode (Madden 15): Cubs Franchise (PS4): Rockies Fantasy Draft Franchise: Matt Myer RTTS (Catcher) MLB 14 The Show: Joe Broadway RTTS MLB 14 The Show: Champ Kind RTTS MLB 14 The Show: Red Bull RTTS (Pitcher) MLB 14 The Show: Derek Jeter Player Lock (MLB 14 The Show): MLB 14 The Show Videos: ---------------------------- Visit my Channel: Nadasfan's Let's Play Channel: Twitter:!/nadasfan Facebook: SGU Merch: Live Streams: